Introducing Notebooks: A New Way to Analyze Papers in Elicit

We're excited to introduce Notebooks, a new interface to Elicit that revolutionizes the way you analyze and work with research papers. Notebooks let you combine papers from multiple searches, chat with them, create summaries, and conduct systematic literature searches, all on one page.

Notebooks enable several new workflows for your research process:

  1. Combine papers across queries and sources: Enter multiple queries on a single page and combine papers across all queries. You can also combine papers from search results and your own uploads.
  2. Chat with papers: Select the papers you want to chat with. Compare papers, ask follow-up questions, and explore multiple papers simultaneously.
  3. Flexible summaries: Choose the papers you want to summarize into concise paragraphs. Create as many summaries as you need to capture the key points.
  4. Systematic literature search: Use filters and columns to methodically narrow down to the highest quality papers. Easily delete irrelevant papers to refine your search results.

Notebooks make research unbounded. You can continuously find papers, dig deeper into them, compare them, and expand your knowledge. To learn more, watch our full Notebooks playlist on YouTube or dive right in and start exploring!

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